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Christine Warren Tutte

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Miss Christine Warren Tutte. Miss Warren Tutte passed away peacefully on 3rd July 2012. A cherished friend to many with a distinguished and lengthy career as Headmistress of St Catherine's British Embassy School in Athens, Greece, 1962 - 1989. The Funeral Service and celebration of her life took place on 13th July 2012 at 13.45 at Cambridge Crematorium.

A life well lived.

Spiked Wheels & Little Owls - Christine Tutte

Spiked Wheels and Little Owls: a collection of short stories from the well-loved former headmistress, Miss Tutte, of St Catherine’s British Embassy School.

“When a family goes abroad it will settle down only if the mother is contented,’ writes Christine Warren Tutte in this charming memoir about life at St Catherine’s British Embassy School in Athens.

In Spiked Wheels and Little Owls, Christine writes with a fresh, observant pen and a sharp, affectionate memory for people and for the feel, looks and smells of places, flowers, clothes, foods.

As I can testify from personal experience, she was as adept at managing the Ambassadors and diplomats as she was at handling the parents and children.”

Michael Llewellyn Smith,
British Ambassador to Greece 1996-99
Chairman of the Board of Governors,
St Catherine’s British Embassy School, 1980-8